Cast Frames and Grates



Foster Supply has provided drainage and sewer castings for over 25 years. We have access to almost any casting. The items listed below are the most commonly used products in this area. Many other products are available through our suppliers. Call one of our qualified sales staff to help you on your next project.

 Manhole Frames & Grates    
1020 Manhole Frame & Cover         1022 Manhole Frame & Cover         1040 Manhole Cover 
1045 Sanitary Frame and Cover   1046 Manhole Frame
  1120 Manhole Frame
1120 Sanitary Cover   1120 Solid Manhole Cover
  1130 Manhole Cover
1450 Manhole Frame   1450 Sanitary Cover
  1450A Manhole Cover
1480 Manhole Cover   1480 Manhole Frame   1490 Manhole Frame
1550 Manhole Frame and Cover
  1590 Manhole Cover   1590Z Manhole Frame.pdf
1915 SanitaryFrame and Cover   2035 WV Type A Cover   2132 Manhole Frame & Cover
2925 Manhole Storm Cover   2925 Manhole Frame   2925Z Manhole Frame
V-6622 Manhole Cover

 Catch Basin Frames & Grates    
5115 Catch basin Grate
           5115M1 Catch Basin Grate
           5116 Catch basin Frame
5130 Catch Basin Frame
  5130 Catch basin Grate
  5225 Catch Basin Frame
5250 Catch Basin Grate   5250Z Catch Basin Frame   5342 Catch basin Frame
5344 Curb Catch Basin Frame   5344 Directional CB Grate   5345 Catch Basin Frame
5345 Catch Basin Grate   5370 Catch Basin Frame   5370M Catch Basin Grate
5420M Catch Basin Grate   5424M Catch Basin Grate   5424Z Catch Basin Frame
5624M Catch Basin Grate   5668 Catch Basin Grate   7030M2 Curb Frame & Grate
7045M1Curb Frame & Grate   V 5724-4Catch basin Grate   V-4066 Catch Basin Frame & Grate
V-5324-1 Catch Basin Frame   V-5622 Catch Basin Frame   V-5622 Catch basin Grate
V-5624 Catch Basin Frame   V-5626 Catch Basin Frame   V-5626-1 Catch basin Frame
V-5626-2 Catch basin Frame   V-5630 Catch basin Frame   V-5630 Catch Basin Grate
V-5636 Catch basin Frame   V-5648 Catch basin Frame   V-5648 Catch Basin Grate
V-5667 Catch basin Frame   V-5667 Catch Basin Grate   V-5724 Catch Basin Frame
V-5726 Catch basin Grate   V-5667 Catch basin Frame   V-5732 Catch basin Grate
V5732 Catch basin Frame        

 Trench Grates    
 6900 48" Trench Frame & Grate        6953 Trench Grate       V-7386 ADA Trench Grate
 V-7386 Trench Grate        
 Round Pipe Grates    
6" Round Grate       8" Round Grate       10" Round Grate
12" Round Grate   15" Round Grate   18" Round Grate
24" Round Grate        

 Cleanouts and Other Grates    
1570 Frame (Cleanout)       1578 Frame & Cover (Cleanout)         1578A (Sewer)
1578A Cover (Sewer)