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Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat

Excel PP5 Serries Stitch bonded TRMs offer excellent value in permanent stabilization. The PP5 series of stitch bonded materials include eight, ten and twelve ounce per square yard (Excel PP5-8, Excel PP5-10 and Excel PP5-12 respectively) varieties. Designed to provide increasing levels of unvegetated performance, the Excel PP5 series is constructed of ultraviolet (UV) stabilized fibers stitch bound between heavy duty UV stabilized netting. The Excel PP5 series provides outstanding value in turf reinforcement.


PP5 High Performance TRMs offer a minimum of 3,000 lb/ft of tensile strength in either direction, significantly greater durability and a continuously woven design that yields a material that is structurally stable. In addition to added strength and durability, the High Performance option(s) have the highest level of resistance to chemical, biological and ultra-violet degradation possible and industry leading vegetated performance. High Performance TRMs are ideal to add structure and strength to the ground surface and sub-surface soil while permanently reinforcing vegetation.

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Regulatory approvals   Excel PP5-8
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