Product Information

Non Woven Fabric, also known as filter fabric because it is generally used as water filter barrier between soils and crushed stone, or other such materials. We stock 4,6,8,10,12, and 16oz fabrics, others are available by special order. This fabric is  often used in conjunction with perforated drain pipe, and crushed stone for drainage applications. Foster Supply also produces silt bags out of non woven fabric for a variety of jobsite applications.

TenCate Mirafi® N-Series nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles function for:

  • Separation
  • Drainage
  • Filtration

The Difference TenCate Mirafi® N-Series nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles make:

  • Easily conforms to ground or trench surfaces for trouble-free installation
  • Cost effective
  • High permittivity properties allow high water flow while having excellent soil retention
  • Chemically stable for use in aggressive environments

System Solutions:

Waste Management
  • Landfill Drainage and Filtration
  • Barriers
Water Management
  • Subsurface Drainage
  • Highways
  • Under airfields
  • Athletic fields
  • Water Containment
  • Water Protection

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