Manholes & Catch basins

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Harco Drain basins

Drain Basins and Inline drains are perfect for all watertight applications. They can be used with all types of pipe conduits including ABS, PVC and HDPE.



Knock-out Catch Basins and Risers

When you need it now, Foster Supply can deliver Knock Out catch basins. These units are designed to allow contractors to drill and knock out holes for pipe outlets in the field.


Manhole Bases

Foster Supply provides manhole bases with or without precast inverts. Both storm and sanitary manholes are produced with and without anti-flotation bases.


Manhole Tops

Standard flat tops, 24" and 40" concentric cone tops are readily available.


Manhole Risers

Foster Supply provides risers in heights of 12" to 48". More info? Click on drawing.


Manhole Grade rings

Foster Supply pours 2", 4", 6" and 12" grade rings to adjust the heigh of manholes.


Manhole Mastic

Mastic is provided for all manhole joints to provide a watertight seal.



NDS Plastic Catch basin

Plastic catch basins offer a low cost solution to wet areas in yards where watertight applications are not required. Sizes are limited and not suitable for all conditions



WV DOH Catch Basins

Foster Supply is the leading producer of all WVDOH catch basins. All types and all sizes are available. For more info click on the photo to the left.

 Click photos for more information about each product.