Product Information

Foster Supply provides all types of catch basins specified in West Virginia. We provide welded, and cast grates for precast in other states as well. Foster Supply does not have all inlets for all states in our service area but we do have alternates for most specified inlets. Most projects allow alternates when submitted by the contractor. Please allow us to provide you with alternates on any of your projects.

Click links below for PDF drawings. Customers may expedite the process if they are able to complete the shop drawings and send them to our sales staff. Please complete one drawing for each inlet. This process will allow Foster Supply to produce the product and deliver it in a more timely manner.

  • (00"X00") is the inside dimention.
  •  Red = The maximum pipe size in that inlet.
WV DOH Type A and C Inlet (44"X20")  Shop Drawings A (2) 5344 Grates
WV DOH Type B Inlet (20"X20")  Shop Drawings B (1) 5344 Grate
WV DOH Modified Type B Inlet (24"X24")
 Shop Drawings Mod B (1) 5344 Grate & (1) 5370 Frame
WV DOH Type D Inlet (48"X32")
 Shop Drawings D (1) 2925 Frame & (1) 2925 Cover
WV DOH Type E Inlet (32"X32")  Shop Drawings E (1) 2925 Frame & (1) 2925 Cover
WV DOH Type F Inlet (48"X28")  Shop Drawings F (2) 5344 Grates & (2 pcs.) 5344 Left & Right Frame
WV DOH Type G 18/24 Inlet (32"X32")  Shop Drawings 18/24G (1) Welded Grate 18/24G
WV DOH Type G 30 Inlet (42"X42")  Shop Drawings 30"G (1) Welded Grate 30"G
WV DOH Type G 36 Inlet (48"X48")  Shop Drawings 36"G (1) Welded Grate 36"G
WV DOH Type G 48 Inlet (60"X60")  Shop Drawings 48"G (1) Welded Grate 48"G
WV DOH Type H Inlet (28"X24")  Shop Drawings H (1) 5344 Grate & (1) 5342 Frame

*TYPE B may require a 5370 frame in some paving situations along with each grate.

* We only sell the base sections of Types D,E,F, and H. The top sections will be field poured.


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