Rebar and reinforcing products

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9 Guage Tie Wire

Heavy duty tie wire.



Black and Clear Polly

This product is normally stocked in 20' x 100' and 40' x 100' Rolls.



Bar Ties

Foster Supply stocks black and epoxy caoted bar ties in 6" and 8" lengths with other lengths available.


Tie Wire

This product is sold in two pound rolls individually or by the case (20 rolls).


Caution Tape

Keep your site safe with caution tape to keep people out of dangerous areas.


Coil Rod & Accessories

Foster Supply provides all your forming components.


Slab Bolsters

Keep your rebar and reinforcing wire properly located in the concrete slab with this product.


Stock Rebar

# 3 to # 11 rebar is available in 20', 30' and 40' lengths from stock. #7- #11 rebar  is not stocked in 20' lengths.



OSHA Rebar Safety caps

Keep your employees safe by using safety caps on the ends of all exposed rebar.



Pre-Tied Rebar

Foster Supply can pre-tie rebar in our fabrication shop, which saves time and money in the field. Click the picture for more information about pre-tied rebar.



Rebar Fabrication

In house detailing and fabrication are provided by Foster Supply on all sizes of projects.



Safety Fence

Visual barrier fence keeps the workers in and the pedestrians out of dangerous areas.



 Snap Ties & Accessories

Foster Supply provides all your forming accessories.



 Wire Mesh rolls & Sheets

5' x 150' rolls or 5' x 12.5 sheets are in stock ranging from 4 gage to 10 gage. Special sizes are available.

 Click photos for more information about each product.