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A-2000 PVC Pipe

Product Information

Foster Supply is an authorized distributor of A-2000 pipe. A-2000 is provided on a job to job basis.

It is manufactured to meet the needs of modern municipal waste water systems, residential waste water control and other non-pressure applications. With top quality raw materials and modern processing technology the Sewer pipe we provide meets all industry standards.

Benefits of A-2000 Pipe:

  • Long service life - Provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance for 100-year design life with low maintenance
  • Water-tight joints - Patented double-sealing gasketed joint contributes to integrity of the complete system
  • Superior load capacity- Can be installed to depths of 30 feet or more
  • Large diameter range
  • Superior hydraulics - Manning’s “n” of 0.009
  • Long and lightweight - Makes installation easier with the use of smaller and safer equipment