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August 2016- Industry Update

By: Ron Foster - CEO | August 1, 2016

Foster Supply continues to work with our neighbors who suffered in the flooding. We have increased our inventory in large diameter pipe, gabions and concrete lagging to help get the roads and bridges back into operations. Kerry Cole is still operating our flood relief effort while working with the churches in the Nallen and Russellville areas of Fayette County. Anyone who wishes to contribute may contact Kerry. We are still accepting donations as the recovery will be a long time to completion.


Foster Supply is proud to announce our launch of a new product here in West Virginia. It is a new large block wall system call Verti-Block. We will still produce the excellent Redi-Rock product line and will add Verti-Block to our manufactured items. Verti-Block is hollow so the confined stone within the block provides adequate drainage. The underdrain pipe lays directly on the footer which keeps it nice and flat during installation. The decorative face “Canyon Ledge” is one of the most beautiful faces that is in the market. It looks like a large cut field stone.


The Verti-Block units are 8 square feet each so installation goes faster and you have to handle less blocks. We are also able to reduce the number of loads of freight due to the hollow core construction which saves on freight and the number of trucks that the installer has to schedule.