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Concrete bridges and Box Culverts

Product Information

ECO-SPAN® precast concrete arch systems are used for bridges, culverts, tunnels, underpasses and underground containment structures. Several shapes are available to fit a variety of site conditions. Spans range from 12 to 84 feet and beyond. Using precast concrete headwalls, wingwalls and foundations, an entire structure can often be installed in one day.



The arch-box (AB) series is ideal for a wide range of site conditions. It offers the load-carrying capacity of the arch while the vertical legs maximize open area for waterway or other clearance requirements.

Versa™ Single Radius

The circular Versa™ Single Radius (VS) is a very efficient shape for high-fill or other heavy loading applications.

Versa™ Multiple Radius

The elliptical Versa™ Multiple Radius (VM) is an efficient shape for long stream enclosures with low to medium fill heights.


Precast Headwalls

Headwalls retain earth fill over the top of the arch structure at each end. They can be designed to support pedestrian rail or bridge rail.

Precast Wingwalls

Wingwalls transition the backfill elevation from top of headwall to stream bed at each end of the structure. They also protect the embankment from scour and erosion.


 A variety of foundation types may be used to support the ECO-SPAN Arch System including strip, mat, and deep foundations. A qualified geotechnical engineer should be retained to recommend which type is best for your site. Vertical stem walls may be used with any foundation type to provide additional waterway or clearance. Precast foundations are available to speed the construction process.