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Fiber Expansion Joint

Fibre Expansion Joint is composed of cellular fibers securely bonded together and uniformly saturated with asphalt to assure longevity.  Foster Supply carries 1/2" thick Fibre Expansion Joint in pre-cut 4", 6", and 8" as well as 4' x 10' sheets. Foster Supply also carries 3/4" and 1" in the 4' x 10' sheets.

Fiber Form Tube

Our fiber form tubes are engineered to provide outstanding performance under tough jobsite conditions and even in inclement weather. Produced using 100% Recycled Paperboard. Foster Supply currently stocks 12”- 36” standard size tubes. Custom sizes are available if needed.

Form Stakes

Foster Supply inventories ¾” round steel form stakes that are 18”, 24”, or 36” long. All of our form stakes have nail holes running in two different directions for ease of installation in the field.

Foam Expansion Joint

Flexible foam expansion joint filler is composed of a unique blend of isomeric polymers in a very small, closed-cell structure. Gray in color, our foam expansion joint is a lightweight, highly flexible, and resilient material offering recovery qualities of over 99%. This mini closed-cell structure is virtually non-absorbent. It can be wrapped or formed around curved or circular surfaces.

Rubber Expansion Joint

This product is for use wherever there are expansion joints in concrete: slabs, walks, drives, isolation joints, to limit water penetration and reduce abrasion of concrete surfaces during expansion. Rubber expansion joint is great for circumstances where water absorption is a concern because its closed cell construction does not allow water absorption.

Screed Key

Screed Key Joint minimizes random cracking and provides proper load transfer from slab to slab.

Water Stop

Water stop is appropriate for any concrete structure that requires a water tight joint.

Expansion Joint Cap

Expansion Joint cap fits over expansion joint to form a maintenance free water tight joint seal.

Coil Rod & Accessories

Foster Supply stocks 1/2" and 3/4" coil rod and most of the needed accessories to go with them.

Safety Fence

Our safety fence is reusable and highly durable, Grip-Rite barrier fence is UV resistant and available in high visibility colors.

Snap ties

We provide snap ties that are made for all your forming needs.

Stay Form

Stay-form® is a ribbed expanded metal leave-in-place form for poured-in-place concrete.