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Corrugated Metal Pipe Joints

Product Information

Foster supply offers a multitude of pipe sizes, shapes, gauges, coatings and materials options, corrugated metal pipe (CMP). This provides specifiers and users the greatest versatility and flexibility in designing drainage solutions to best fit their projects’ exact requirements.  Our CMP products provide the highest service life, strength and hydraulic properties.

Benefits of CMP inlcude:

  • Predictable service life dependent on coatings.
  • The most environmentally friendly and LEED-friendly drainage product on the market
  • Great strength
  • 100% traceability – with verifiable data reports from the raw steel mills


Aluminized Type 2

75-Year Service Life

For more corrosive environments, Aluminized Type 2 coating offers the superior corrosion resistance and surface characteristics of aluminium, but with the strength and economy of steel. Aluminized Type 2 CSP can provide a 75-year service life in a low-abrasion environment with pH between 5 and 9 and resistivity above 1,500 ohm-cm. CaCO3 (hardness) levels do not affect service life.

In the manufacturing process, a commercially pure aluminium coating is uniformly applied to both sides of the steel, forming a strong bond between the metals. A hard aluminium-iron alloy layer, just below the aluminium coating, provides further protection.

Product Specs