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Permanent Erosion Control Blankets

Foster Supply is the leading supplier of permanent erosion control blankets in their areas. Products include 100% synthetic liners that combine with grass to provide protection against high velocity erosion and wave action. We also have products that combine synthetics with coconut that acts as a much while grass is germinating and then continues to act in conjuntion with the grass as a permanent protection product

Semi-Permanent Erosion Control Blankets

These products are generally designed to last for at least one growing season and contain a degradable product sandwiched between two layers of netting. The degradeable product acts to absorb moisture and excellerate germination and growth of vegetation until the root structure provides permanent protection from erosion.

Temporary Erosion Control Blankets

These products generally last for a shorter period of time and facilitate the rate of growth and coverage of vegetation. They biodegrade in a few months once the cover crop has taken hold.

Belted Silt retention Fence

Silt Savers produces this product in various grades. It is a complete system that is a vast improvement over old types of silt fence. When a tree or an object falls across a part of the fence only that individual section is damaged unlike conventional fence that may cause several feet to be destroyed. Priority I silt fence is used to replace Super Silt fence and saves substantial amounts of money on the initial purchase and installation when compared to conventional Super Silt fence.

Concrete Cloth

Foster Supply provides concrete cloth products that start as a fabric and once hydrated it becomes a rigid, durable concrete mat. Concrete cloth is available in 3/8" and 1/2" thicknesses and can be used in multiple types of applications from culvert lining to berm protection and ditch lining.

Domed Drop Inlet Silt Protection

This reusable product is perfect for sediment retention in small dikes or in the median for highway improvement projects. It is made of  a high strength HDPE dome with replaceable filter covers including high flow or maximum screening units.

Diamond Sock

This product commonly referred to as compost filled filter sock is used to keep sediment from leaving the site. It is ideal for use along parking lots and roadways where slope areas come into contact with them. It is also used along benches on slope construction to prevent water from running over the bench and creating rills in the slope.

Gabion Baskets (erosian)

Wire basket gabions have been around for years. They are a low cost method of building retaining walls in remote areas and are used for ditch lining and slope stability. Foster Supply maintains most sizes in stock.

Geoskin Hydromulch

This is a light duty mulch used on 4:1 or 3:1 slopes. It prevents soil erosion and retains moisture to expedite the growth of vegetation.

Reinforced Silt Fence

Wire backed silt fence it the second generation of silt fence products. It is used at the base of steeper slopes where high volumes of sediment are anticipated. Wire backed silt fence has more strength than standard silt fence and retains more sediment before experiencing failure.

Second nature Paper Mulch

This is a light duty mulch used primarily to retain soil and moisture to help vegetation get established more quickly. It is used and flatter slopes.


Sedimentstop is used to cut down on erosion on steep slopes. It is used at periodic intervals to redirect flow from rills on downslopes. It also reduces the velocity thus slowing the rate of erosion. It is used in cobination with silt fence and other erosion control products.

Silt Fence

Standard silt fence is the old standby. It is produced in heights of 24" to 48" high with posts spacing varying from 4 foot to 10 foot intervals. This product remains popular on projects of short duration and mostly flat terrain.

Silt savers safety fence

Many projects require the use of visual barrier fences for safety or for separation of various areas. It is used at times to keep people out of natural habitats or protected environment zones. Foster Supply also provide a green product with lettering denoting the type of environment being protected. Safety fence is also used frequently as protection for existing trees.


This open cell product is used to confine aggregate on slopes to prevent erosion. It is lightweight and easy to install. Additionally it eliminates a significant amount of stone used in traditional applications. The confined cell structure allows for higher performance out of less stone to protect slopes. It is particularly effective when stone is sold at a premium in remote locations.

Staples and Staple pounder

Most erosion control products are installed using staples at regular centers. Foster Supply stocks this product in standard 11 gage 6" x 1" x 6" units 1000 pcs/ box.

Straw Wattles

Wattles are used similar to Sedimentstop to reduce the velocity of surface water and reduce the number, length and depth of rills on longer slopes. Wattles may be used in place of silt fence around parking lots and existing structures when the project is of short duration.

Super Silt Fence

This third gereration of silt fence has emerged as one of the most important products in preventing sediment run off. Super Silt Fence is used in locations where the project is long term and large amounts of run off and sediment are anticipated. Super Silt Fence has a higher initial cost, lasts longer and is more effective than previous products. It also has a much lower maintenance cost.

Wooden Stakes

This product is used for grade stakes, fencing and project layout. They are also used to install wattles and Sedimenstop.


A quick and easy to install erosion control mat that is perfect for high flow water areas. It will protect the soil, vegetated or unvegetated. Flex-A-Mat provides erosion protection in ditches with velocities up to 19 feet per second. It has been used successfully on WVDOH projects as well as Kentucky and West Virginia AML projects not to mention numerous private applications. It is made with concrete blocks that slow velocities and it backed with geotextiles or erosion control blankets to keep soil in place until vegetation can be established.