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First MSE Wall for Foster Supply in West Virginia

By: Ron Foster - CEO | November 11, 2014

Foster Supply teamed up with Sine Wall to produce our first MSE wall in the state of West Virginia. MSE walls are panel walls approximately 6-8” thick and 5’ wide x 10’ long with a steel grid reinforcing that extends back into the fill utilizing the weight of the soil to make a Mechanically Stabilized Earth retaining wall with a thin concrete face on it. Any type of face may be used on the walls depending on the type of form liner that is utilized.

               The WVDOH project at Thomas Buford Pugh Memorial Bridge called for the use of this type of MSE wall. Orders Construction was the successful bidder and utilized the Sine Wall system that was precast at our Sissonville plant. The project had multiple walls totaling nearly 5200 SF with an Ashler Face texture plus 240’ of coping.  The coping is an inverted U shaped unit that goes over the top of the wall to give it a nice finished look.

               The project is located in Raleigh County West Virginia and it is proceeding on schedule with more than half of it completed. This is an interesting project with limited access. Sine Wall was the perfect product for this job and Foster Supply kept the project on track with timely delivery. If you have applications for this project or would like additional information please contact our sales staff at 304-755-8241.