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Flood Effort Update 2016

By: Ron Foster - CEO | July 8, 2016

Foster Supply stands with all of our friends and neighbors around West Virginia that were affected by the recent floods. Our hearts go out to the families that lost loved ones and to those who lost their homes and or parts of their property. We are working hard to help those that we can and to provide products in an expedited fashion so goods and services can be delivered to the affected areas.


            We appointed Kerry Cole our “Special Projects Coordinator” as the lead person to head up the flood recovery effort here at Foster Supply Inc. Within a week of the deadly flooding Foster Supply and Kerry Cole were able to join with our employees, customers and vendors to deliver a complete tractor trailer load of much needed supplies to the towns of Nallen and Russellville in Fayette County. Supplies included everything from shovels, wheelbarrows, pressure washers, food, bedding and towels to water, can openers, totes, coolers and utility knives. The cleanup has just begun and we are still working hard to make sure this long term effort continues.


            Union Mission is also utilizing one of our trailers and having our tractors and drivers to deliver units for them when they are short on haulers. The need is greater than most realize and will take months or longer to fulfill. To date Kerry has been able to raise over $34,000 in the Foster Supply flood recovery effort. That figure includes cash, donated materials, vendor discounts and in-kind contributions.


            We want to thank each and every person and company that has helped in this effort. It is great to know what wonderful employees, customers and vendors that we have the privilege to work with each and every day.


            Foster Supply Inc has increased inventory levels in products that will commonly be used in flood recovery efforts including but not limited to large diameter pipe, wire basket gabions, retaining wall blocks and concrete lagging. Please contact our locations nearest to you for all your requirements.