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K Drain

Product Information

K Drain prefabricated drainage composites can be installed either horizontal or vertical to the surface of the wall. To join more than one section:

  • Peel back 3 inches of the nonwoven geotextile from the core
  • Overlap the core material approximately 1½ inches
  • Secure the overlap
  • Re-cover the lap with the loose fold of geotextile.

Drainage Collection System

When a drainage collection system such as a perforated pipe or open graded aggregate is used, a separate section of geotextile may be used to encapsulate the collection system and the bottom of the K DRain core, as described below:

  • Position and attach Battle Drain to the wall
  • Peel the fabric off the face of the drain core to at least the height of the collection system
  • Place the drainage aggregate or perforated pipe
  • Wrap the loose section of geotextile around the aggregate or perforated pipe and tuck against the exposed core. Overlap the loose geotextile from the face of the core and secure in place.
  • Backfill.

Foster Supply also sells the perforated pipe and woven fabrics needed to make the drainage collection system.

Product Specs