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Knock-out Catch Basins and Risers

Product Information

If you are in a hurry to get a catch basins then a knockout catch basin is the best way to go. Conventional catch basins can take 2-4 weeks to produce while the knock out catch basins are in stock.  These catch basins, made with 4000 PSI concerete have inside dimensions of  2'X2' or 2'x3' with 6" thick walls. They taper to only 4" thick in the area where pipe entrances will be located making it easy to drill and knock out a hole for the entrance and exit pipes. This eliminates the need to wait for  catch basins to be poured with specific hole locations. 

Catch basins are available at all three locations whenever customers need them. Foster Supply is the only precaster that also provides risers for these structures to get exact heights required.  We also Stock 2'x 2' catch basins at all locations and 2'X3' knock out catch basins at our Kentucky location. Products are transferred from location to location on a regular basis to meet your needs as our customer.

2'X2' knock-out require an EJIW # 5115 grate while the  2'X3' knock-out requires an EJIW # V5665 grate. The 2'x3' units may also come without a grate indent to accept a curb type inlet frame and grate. All standard units come in a 2'-6" depth. That depth is adjustable with the riser units that we produce.

Product Specs