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L & M Cure

Product Information

L&M CURE is a VOC-compliant, ready-to-use, nonresidualconcrete curing agent that penetrates surfaces to cure the concrete from within. It is a water-based, clear, sprayable liquid that offers residue free performance.


L&M CURE is odor-free and is suitable for use in enclosed, well-vented areas where odor-free products are essential, such as retrofit construction, tunnels or chimneys. L&M CURE can be easily applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.


L&M CURE is a water-soluble cure that deeply penetrates concrete surfaces and leaves a residue free surface to which subsequent toppings, concrete, terrazzo, tiles, paints, epoxies or other toppings will satisfactorily bond and sealers, chemical hardeners and water repellents will penetrate.


Basic Use: L&M CURE is recommended for areas where non-residual performance is critical and later toppings and sealers are desirable and scheduled.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with subsequent toppings.
  • Stain free and residue free concrete.
  • Economical.
  • No odor/VOC compliant.

Product Video