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L & M Everbond

Product Information

EVERBOND is a versatile acrylic polymer emulsion that can be used either as a bonding adhesive or as an admixture that enhances Portland cement-based mixes, giving these mixes improved flexural, tensile and bond strength. EVERBOND is a milky white, high solids emulsion that will not re-emulsify upon exposure to water, and is nonoxidizing and ultra-violet stable. EVERBOND, when used as a bonding agent, becomes an integral part of the interface between the cementitious material and the surface to be bonded. EVERBOND creates a strong bond between materials to be bonded. Basic Use: EVERBOND permits the improved adhesion of cementitious materials such as concrete toppings, stucco, terrazzo and ceramic tile setting beds, to structurally sound concrete, plaster or masonry. EVERBOND is used in three simple ways:

As an admixture:

·                            EVERBOND can be added to portland cement-based repair mortars to increase their adhesion, freeze-thaw resistance, flexural strength and durability.

As a bonding agent:

·                            When used full strength EVERBOND bonds concrete repairs that are made in sidewalks, driveways, steps, floors, brick pointing and stucco. It will help bond portland cement mortars to brick, concrete block, clay tile, marble, metal and even glass block.

As a bonding slurry:

·                            EVERBOND can be added to portland cement to create a very strong and effective bonding slurry for concrete toppings and repair materials