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Manhole Bases

Product Information

Foster Supply provides manhole bases that have a 48” inside diameter with 5 inch walls and a 5.5 inch base. The holes for your pipe are formed per order, and to the size and type of pipe specified.

Foster Supply provides manholes with two diffent base styles. We produce a standard 5.5 inch base, or an extended base manhole where the base extends 7 inches beyond the outer wall to prevent the manhole from floating in wet areas or flooded conditions. Manholes are provided to meet the specific project requirements and specifications. Our sales staff is trained to do extensive take-offs from project plans and make sure we are quoting and providing a product that meets the requirements.

Foster Supply also provides larger diameter structures and specialty coatings for manholes when they are required. Please let our staff help you make sure you get the product you need for your specific project. Call our local branch for more information.