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Manhole Mastic

Product Information


For: Concrete Vaults, Septic Tanks, Box Culverts, Utility Vaults, Burial Vaults, Vertical Panel Structures and a variety of concrete structures.


  • Provides permanently flexible watertight joints.
  • Low to high temperature workability: 30°F to 120°F (-1°C to 48°C)
  • Rugged service temperature: -30°F to +200°F (-34°C to +93°C)
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical adhesion to clean dry surfaces.
  • Sealed Joints will not shrink, harden or oxidize upon aging.
  • Controlled flow resistance for application ease.No priming normally necessary. When confronted with difficult installation conditions, such as wet concrete or temperatures below 40°F (4°C), priming the concrete will improve the bonding action. Consult Concrete Sealants for the proper primer to meet your application.