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Bowland Stone Veneer

Stone veneer used to give your home or business a Natural Stone appearance without all the cost.

Electric Boxes

Foster Supply provides 12" x 12", 18" x 18" and 20" x 20" DOH boxes with approved frame and covers.

Jersey Barriers

Foster Supply produces standard 12 foot long Jersey Barriers that are excellent for separating traffic areas, or protecting well heads on Gas & Oil sites.


Foster Supply provides standard 6" and 8"x 24" x 3'-9" lagging for pile and lagging walls. We also produce nonstandard sizes. Call for more information. Foster Supply can now produce lagging in any size up to 10 foot by 20 foot. We are still limited to 6" and 8" thicknesses.

Parking Blocks

Foster Supply inventories 72" standard parking blocks at all locations.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Our specialty is modular block wall systems. Whether our customers want the Redi-Rock "big block" look or the Redi-Scapes field stone look Foster Supply has it all.

Wing Walls

Precast wing walls are less costly than field poured units. We provide units in sizes from 12" to 72"

Pump Stations

Foster Supply provides wet wells and valve vaults for lift stations.