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Preparing for the Fall Rush

By: Ron Foster - CEO | October 17, 2014

The fall rush is on. Traditionally September and October are the busiest months for Foster Supply. As winter approaches everyone puts on a last ditch push to get projects out of the ground before the weather changes. Each year this presents a challenge for us at Foster Supply to meet all the schedules for our customer’s projects. We have just added two more trucks to our fleet to help meet the increased demands. It has been a challenge to keep enough CDL Class A drivers on staff to handle the demand.

Although we will always try to utilize our delivery fleet to keep down the cost to our customers there will be times when we have to utilize outside haulers. We ask our customers to give us as much notice as possible to schedule loads however if it is necessary to use outside haulers we will do so to meet the customer’s schedule. When that occurs we will prepay and add to the customer bill.

New products added this month at Foster Supply include precast light pole bases and maintenance platforms for Hi Mast Light Poles that are place in slopes otherwise known as Hi Mast Pole Headwalls.