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Anti-Seep Collars

Anti-Seep collars are used to prevent migration of soils in the backfill zone of pipe used for overflow piping through dams. Foster Supply fabricates this product in its own shop.

A-2000 PVC Pipe

A-2000 pipe offers a low cost option on drainage projects that require the versatility and corrosion resistance of PVC. It is especially attractive in larger sizes when compared with SDR 35.

Bowland Stone Veneer

Stone veneer used to give your home or business a Natural Stone appearance without all the cost.

Knock-out Catch Basins and Risers

When you need it now, Foster Supply can deliver Knock Out catch basins. These units are designed to allow contractors to drill and knock out holes for pipe outlets in the field.

Clear Poly

6or 10 mil 20' X 100" Poly vapor Barrier.


This trench system is perfect for chemical resistant applications. Perma trench is lightweight and versatile.

Biaxial Grid

StrataBase® is a rigid biaxial geogrid that provides structural reinforcement for paved and unpaved roads through superior stiffness, aperture stability and interlock capabilities.

Permanent Erosion Control Blankets

Foster Supply is the leading supplier of permanent erosion control blankets in their areas. Products include 100% synthetic liners that combine with grass to provide protection against high velocity erosion and wave action. We also have products that combine synthetics with coconut that acts as a much while grass is germinating and then continues to act in conjuntion with the grass as a permanent protection product

Cast Frames & Grates

Foster Supply stocks a complete line of cast frames, grates, and covers for almost every application. 

Corrugated double wall (smooth interior) pipe

Foster Supply is the leading provider of corrugated HDPE products. We stock a large variety of HDPE pipe products at all our locations. Double wall smooth interior HDPE pipe provides high flow through smaller sizes. HDPE provides excellent protection from corrosive environments and is available in recycled material to help contractors get credits on their LEED projects.

Fiber Expansion Joint

Fibre Expansion Joint is composed of cellular fibers securely bonded together and uniformly saturated with asphalt to assure longevity.  Foster Supply carries 1/2" thick Fibre Expansion Joint in pre-cut 4", 6", and 8" as well as 4' x 10' sheets. Foster Supply also carries 3/4" and 1" in the 4' x 10' sheets.


Verti-Block was created with landscaping in mind -- meaning we've made it easy to transport and install, even in tight access spots. Blocks can be moved and put into place with smaller equipment; there's no need for heavy machines like a telehandler or crane unless mass extender blocks are used. The male and female connection eliminates placement error, ensuring strength and an exact installation every-time.

Corrugated Metal Pipe Joints

Foster supply offers a multitude of pipe sizes, shapes, gauges, coatings and materials options. We stock from 6" to 96" diameter galvanized pipe. Other coatings and shapes may be special ordered including pipe arch shapes, Aluminized Type II and asphalt coatings.

High Performance Polypropylene

Mirafi HP series woven geotextiles offer a lower cost approach to solving problems on projects with soft soils and low CBR values. This high performance series yields ultimate tensile strengths reaching 20,559 pounds per foot. HP products combine the properties of high strength and modulus with high confinement characteristics which allows them to act as a filter and separator.

Contact your nearest Foster Supply location for more information.

Semi-Permanent Erosion Control Blankets

These products are generally designed to last for at least one growing season and contain a degradable product sandwiched between two layers of netting. The degradeable product acts to absorb moisture and excellerate germination and growth of vegetation until the root structure provides permanent protection from erosion.

Welded Frames & Grates

Foster Supply manufactures welded grates in our facility. Common products are in stock and we produce specialty items at the request of our customers.

Blacktop Repair Patch.

Asphalt cold patch is specially formulated for permanent repairs to potholes and cracks over 1 inch wide in asphalt pavement. DOT Approved formula.

Fiber Form Tube

Our fiber form tubes are engineered to provide outstanding performance under tough jobsite conditions and even in inclement weather. Produced using 100% Recycled Paperboard. Foster Supply currently stocks 12”- 36” standard size tubes. Custom sizes are available if needed.

Blue board Insulation

 Commonly referred to as “blueboard” for its light blue color, STYROFOAM™Brand Insulation products from Dow can be used to insulate and seal a home’s roof, walls, floors and basements.

Poly Drain & Poly Catch Basins

Foster Supply maintains a large inventory of this polymer concrete product. Poly drain has a hyperbolic bottom with continuous slope that allows a 4" trench to carry the same amount of flow as a 12" flat bottom trench. It comes with a wide variety of grates and accessories including catch basins and grease traps.

Metal Bat Gates

Foster Supply manufactures bat gates that are used to seal off mines. Used in conjunction with HDPE pipe to make a line of mine portals for the bats to safely travel through.

Harco Drain Basins

HARCO Fittings inline drain and drain basin bodies are manufactured from a specially formulated resin compound, converted into SDR35 PVC sewer pipestock conforming to ASTM D3034 or F679. The heavy-duty PVC bodies are abrasion resistant and virtually immune to most types of corrosion.

Corrugated single wall flex pipe

Foster Supply inventories single wall HDPE in sizes from 4" to 24". This product is excellent for underdrains and foundation drains. It is flexible and cuts down on the need for fittings. It is also excellent for us as downslope drains.

Gabion Baskets

Wire basket gabions have been around for years. They are a low cost method of building retaining walls in remote areas and are used for ditch lining and slope stability. Foster Supply maintains most sizes in stock.

Trench Former

This product is one of Foster Supply's biggest movers. It is a complete system to replace the old 12" to 18" flat bottom concrete trenches. It comes complete with a styrofoam form, rails and grates plus rebar supports for leveling. Customers simply level the top of the product, pour concrete around it and wait for it to set up. All that is needed to complete the job is to remove the styrofoam forming material and place the grate on top. What is left is a 12" wide continuous sloped trench with a 14" wide grate ready for traffic.

Bar Ties

Foster Supply stocks black and epoxy caoted bar ties in 6" and 8" lengths with other lengths available.

Temporary Erosion Control Blankets

These products generally last for a shorter period of time and facilitate the rate of growth and coverage of vegetation. They biodegrade in a few months once the cover crop has taken hold.

Corrugated Metal Pipe Fittings

Foster Supply produces a wide variety of corrugated metal pipe fittings including standard tees, wyes, elbows and reducers. If you can draw it we can make it.

K Drain

Drainage boards are used to reduce hydrostatic pressure on basement walls and underground concrete structures. Most leakage in basements and underground walls are a result of hydrostatic pressures. This product comes in 7/16" x 4' x 104' rolls. It has a nonwoven geotextile bonded to platic core drainage media. Drainage composites direct flow to a perfoperforated drain pipe to eliminate hydrostatic pressure build up.

Burlap Curing Blanket

The burlap blankets help distribute the water evenly over the covered surface, and helps hold moisture on the top of the concrete to promote proper curing. Foster Supply stocks 6' x 300' blankets


Foster Supply is one of the nation's leading producers of Redi- Rock wall systems. Redi-Rock is produced at all three convenient locations. We inventory thousands of square feet of product with Cobblestone, Limestone and Ledgestone faces. If you need a retaining wall in a hurry contact our office nearest to you.

PVC Primer and Glue

Foster Supply provides all necessary items to prime and glue solvent weld PVC products.

Manhole Bases

Foster Supply provides manhole bases with or without precast inverts. Both storm and sanitary manholes are produced with and without anti-flotation bases.

Electric Boxes

Foster Supply provides 12" x 12", 18" x 18" and 20" x 20" DOH boxes with approved frame and covers.

Duracrete Grey

Duracrete is a single component, polymer reinforced, high-strength, cement-based patching and resurfacing mortar.

CMP Pond Risers

Custom fabricated pond risers, and much more are provided by Foster Supply. Our fabrication shop cuts lead times dramatically when compared to our competitors.

Form Stakes

Foster Supply inventories ¾” round steel form stakes that are 18”, 24”, or 36” long. All of our form stakes have nail holes running in two different directions for ease of installation in the field.

HDPE Couplers

Couplers are not normally required for dual wall pipe however they are needed for single wall applications as well as applications where cutting and splicing isrequired. Foster Supply stocks internal and external couplings for your convenience

Jersey Barriers

Foster Supply produces standard 12 foot long Jersey Barriers that are excellent for separating traffic areas, or protecting well heads on Gas & Oil sites.


If you want the look of a stone mason laid wall with the convenience of modular block this is the solution. Redi-Scapes is a revolutionary 4000 PSI concrete modular block product with marbelized coloring to match field stone from regional areas. Unlike other modular block walls this product has no repetitive pattern.

Custom Fabricated Solutions

Foster Supply provides a wide range of specialty fabricated metal drainage products. Bring us an idea about what you need and we can make it.

Manhole Mastic

Mastic is provided for all manhole joints to provide a watertight seal.

SDR PVC 35 Pipe

Foster Supply inventories 4" thru 12" PVC at all times with some 15" and 18" available from stock or on short notice.

Dress & Seal

Dress & Seal is a ready-to-use, acrylic copolymer that cures, seals and dustproofs concrete.

Mirafi MTK

MTK prevents reflective cracking in asphalt overlay applications. It comes in rolls that are 12", 18", 24" and 36" widths by 50' long. MTK is a paving fabric with an impermeable membrane that prevents water migration on existing structures from roadways to bridgedecks to airport runways.

Tie Wire

This product is sold in two pound rolls individually or by the case (20 rolls).

Tuff-Tite (Plastic Trench Drain)

Tuff-Tite trenches are very easy to install flat bottom trenches including grates. Simply level them, drive rebar stakes to hold them in place and encase them in concrete. Once teh concrete sets you are ready to drive across them. They are normally used for residential applications. They come in interlocking lengths with ninety degrees bends available

Foam Expansion Joint

Flexible foam expansion joint filler is composed of a unique blend of isomeric polymers in a very small, closed-cell structure. Gray in color, our foam expansion joint is a lightweight, highly flexible, and resilient material offering recovery qualities of over 99%. This mini closed-cell structure is virtually non-absorbent. It can be wrapped or formed around curved or circular surfaces.

Metal Coupling Bands

Foster sells a wide variety of corrugated metal bands to accommodate all the different pipe sizes including 6" to 144" diameter pipes.

Belted Silt retention Fence

Silt Savers produces this product in various grades. It is a complete system that is a vast improvement over old types of silt fence. When a tree or an object falls across a part of the fence only that individual section is damaged unlike conventional fence that may cause several feet to be destroyed. Priority I silt fence is used to replace Super Silt fence and saves substantial amounts of money on the initial purchase and installation when compared to conventional Super Silt fence.


Foster Supply provides heavy duty construction adhesives for use with retaining wall products.

Insulation Blanket

Grip-Rite curing blankets are the ultimate insulator for cold weather concreting, keeping the heat in and the winter out. The 6 ft. and 12 ft. width-ends are double folded for added strength.


Foster Supply provides standard 6" and 8"x 24" x 3'-9" lagging for pile and lagging walls. We also produce nonstandard sizes. Call for more information. Foster Supply can now produce lagging in any size up to 10 foot by 20 foot. We are still limited to 6" and 8" thicknesses.

Rubber Expansion Joint

This product is for use wherever there are expansion joints in concrete: slabs, walks, drives, isolation joints, to limit water penetration and reduce abrasion of concrete surfaces during expansion. Rubber expansion joint is great for circumstances where water absorption is a concern because its closed cell construction does not allow water absorption.

SDR 35 PVC fittings

Foster Supply provides a complete line of solvent weld and gasket fittings for PVC pipe.

Caution Tape

Keep your site safe with caution tape to keep people out of dangerous areas.

NDS Plastic Catch basin

Plastic catch basins offer a low cost solution to wet areas in yards where watertight applications are not required. Sizes are limited and not suitable for all conditions

Low-E Insulation

 Low-E is the number one selling reflective insulation in the country. Low-E is manufactured using a polyethlyene foam core with scrim reinforced double sided aluminum facings. Low-E can be used in all facets of the building industry where conventional insulations are used. It can be used alone or in conjunction with mass insulations for high r-systems.

Fabricated CMP Fittings

Foster Supply can custom fabricate almost any type or size of metal fitting our cutomers require. In general if you can draw it we can make it.

NDS Plastic Drain Basins

Foster Supply offers NDS square plastic catch basins for use in yard drains and non traffic applications. If customers want a small square catch basin at a low cost thisis the product of choice. They come in 12" x 12" and 18" x 18" units and are generally used with smaller diameter HDPE pipe.

Concrete Cloth

Foster Supply provides concrete cloth products that start as a fabric and once hydrated it becomes a rigid, durable concrete mat. Concrete cloth is available in 3/8" and 1/2" thicknesses and can be used in multiple types of applications from culvert lining to berm protection and ditch lining.

Form Release E-Z Strip

E-Z Strip is a VOC-compliant, nonstaining, ready-to-use concrete form releasefor application to forms for easy stripping. It is Pale Fast drying, sprayable liquid that is non-toxic and economical.

HDPE Fittings

Foster Supply inventories the basic fittings and has access to all available fittings with just a few days notice.

Nonwoven Fabrics

Foster Supply is an authorized distributor for Mirafi and Skaps in nonwoven fabrics. We stock 3.5 oz to 16 oz materials in 12.5 foot and 15' roll widths. Lengths vary depending up on the thickness of the material. Inventory includes products that meet the local DOT requirements. If you have special applications, please call your nearest location for more information.

Screed Key

Screed Key Joint minimizes random cracking and provides proper load transfer from slab to slab.

Parking Blocks

Foster Supply inventories 72" standard parking blocks at all locations.

Domed Drop Inlet Silt Protection

This reusable product is perfect for sediment retention in small dikes or in the median for highway improvement projects. It is made of  a high strength HDPE dome with replaceable filter covers including high flow or maximum screening units.

Anti-Seep Collars (metal)

The number one cause of failure in dams is caused by water migrating along the outside of a pipe through the dam. Anti-seep collars combined with Aqua-blok solves this problem.

Retaining wall grid

Foster Supply provides grid for all of our retaining wall products. Both Redi-Rock and Redi-Scapes have been thoroughly tested in conjunction with Mirafi grid. Available in 3XT to 24XT it is designed into the wall system based on back fill materials, height, and loading conditions. All rolls come in 12 foot widths and lengths vary depending upon the grade of material.


Foster Supply is an authorized distributor for the Weholite product line. If you have failing drainage structures that require significant excavation to replace of where standard replacement techniques are not economical Weholite is your solution. This product allows existing pipes to be lined in place and grouted on the outside to repair existing structures. Many times Weholite is the least expensive solution to repair existing pipes.

WV DOH Catch Basins

Foster Supply is the leading producer of all WVDOH catch basins. All types and all sizes are available. For more info click on the photo to the left.

SCH 40 Pipe

For heavy duty applications Foster Supply has a full line of schedule

40 pipe

Hot Pour Sealant

HI-SPEC Polymeric Hot-Applied Sealant is a premium-quality, single-component joint sealing compound.

Pond Risers & Trash Racks

Specialty pond risers, trash racks, wiers and anti-vortex devices are our specialty at Foster Supply. Whether you have a large or small fresh water or sediment control pond we can provide your needs. If you can draw it we can make it.

Slab Bolsters

Keep your rebar and reinforcing wire properly located in the concrete slab with this product.

Metal End Sections

Foster Supply stocks both safety slope end sections, and open end sections for non-traffic options.

Hydraulic Waterstop Cement

Quickrete Hydraulic Water-Stop CEment is a rapid-setting, high strength repair material designed to plug leaks instantly in masonry and concrete walls, swimming pools, fountains and for sealing around concrete pipe.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Our specialty is modular block wall systems. Whether our customers want the Redi-Rock "big block" look or the Redi-Scapes field stone look Foster Supply has it all.

Diamond Sock

This product commonly referred to as compost filled filter sock is used to keep sediment from leaving the site. It is ideal for use along parking lots and roadways where slope areas come into contact with them. It is also used along benches on slope construction to prevent water from running over the bench and creating rills in the slope.

Safety fence (Geotextiles)

Standard safety fence is provided in 4' x 100' rolls with steel poles sold separately. Safety fence keeps the workers in and the public out. It is lightweight and easy to install.

Trash Racks

Trash racks can be custom made to fit on any structure with many different options such as an access hatch or anti vortex plate.

Water Stop

Water stop is appropriate for any concrete structure that requires a water tight joint.

Thinwall Pipe

For light duty applications 2000 pound crush thinwall pipe is provided by Foster Supply, This pipe is generally used for foundation drains and underdrains to remove unwanted water from subgrade.

Slot Drain

Slotted inlet pipes are used to collect surface water while conveying water in roadside ditches. Foster Supply provides WVDOH and KDOT approved materials for highway commercial and residential projects

L & M Cure

L&M Cure is a VOC-Compliant ready-to-use, nonresidual concrete curing agent that penetrates surfaces to cure the concrete from within.

Gabion Baskets (erosian)

Wire basket gabions have been around for years. They are a low cost method of building retaining walls in remote areas and are used for ditch lining and slope stability. Foster Supply maintains most sizes in stock.

Stock Rebar

# 3 to # 11 rebar is available in 20', 30' and 40' lengths from stock. #7- #11 rebar  is not stocked in 20' lengths.

Slot Drain (metal)

Foster Supply provides all sizes of slotted drain products. These include 2 1/2", 6", and 8 1/2" tall slotted drains combined with whatever size pipe the job requires.

Woven Geotextiles

Foster Supply provides a wide range of woven geotextiles. Our primary manufactures are Mirafi and Skaps. We inventory standard products to meet the requirements of local DOT's. They generally include materials in 12.5 foot, and 15 foot widths in 180 pound, 200 pound and 300 pound grab strengths. Woven fabricsare used primarily for stabilization and separation. If you need products for special applications call your the office nearest to you for more information.

Expansion Joint Cap

Expansion Joint cap fits over expansion joint to form a maintenance free water tight joint seal.

Wing Walls

Precast wing walls are less costly than field poured units. We provide units in sizes from 12" to 72"

Woven monofilament Polypropylene

This highly specialized product offers high strength and high flow capabilityall in one product. Production and inventory is limited so please contact your local Foster Supply branch when needing access to this product.

Geoskin Hydromulch

This is a light duty mulch used on 4:1 or 3:1 slopes. It prevents soil erosion and retains moisture to expedite the growth of vegetation.

Welded Grates

Foster Supply is the number one source of welded steel catch basin grates on WVDOH projects. We also offer a complete line of welded steel grate on KDOT projects and are approved in both states for highway work

L & M Everbond

Everbond is a versatile acrylic polymer emulsion that can be used as a bonding adhesive or as an admixture that enhances Portland cement-based mixes, giving these mixes improved flexural, tensile, and bond strength.

Pump Stations

Foster Supply provides wet wells and valve vaults for lift stations.

Coil Rod & Accessories

Foster Supply stocks 1/2" and 3/4" coil rod and most of the needed accessories to go with them.

Pre-Tied Rebar

Foster Supply can pre-tie rebar in our fabrication shop, which saves time and money in the field. Click the picture for more information about pre-tied rebar.

Reinforced Silt Fence

Wire backed silt fence it the second generation of silt fence products. It is used at the base of steeper slopes where high volumes of sediment are anticipated. Wire backed silt fence has more strength than standard silt fence and retains more sediment before experiencing failure.

Non Shrink Grout

Quickrete Non-Shrink Precision Grout is a high strength non-metallic Portanld cement based material. Non shrink Precision Grout is a preblended product including expansive additives, requiring only water to obtain flowable properties and high strengths.

Safety Fence

Our safety fence is reusable and highly durable, Grip-Rite barrier fence is UV resistant and available in high visibility colors.

White Cure

1600 White Series, Water-Base, White-Pigmented Concrete Curing Compounds are wax-base dispersions, with selected white pigments. When properly applied, they form a liquid membrane, which optimizes water retention.

Rebar Fabrication

In house detailing and fabrication are provided by Foster Supply on all sizes of projects.

Snap ties

We provide snap ties that are made for all your forming needs.

Second nature Paper Mulch

This is a light duty mulch used primarily to retain soil and moisture to help vegetation get established more quickly. It is used and flatter slopes.


Sedimentstop is used to cut down on erosion on steep slopes. It is used at periodic intervals to redirect flow from rills on downslopes. It also reduces the velocity thus slowing the rate of erosion. It is used in cobination with silt fence and other erosion control products.

Stay Form

Stay-form® is a ribbed expanded metal leave-in-place form for poured-in-place concrete.

Safety Fence (rebar)

Visual barrier fence keeps the workers in and the pedestrians out of dangerous areas.

Silt Fence

Standard silt fence is the old standby. It is produced in heights of 24" to 48" high with posts spacing varying from 4 foot to 10 foot intervals. This product remains popular on projects of short duration and mostly flat terrain.

Silt savers safety fence

Many projects require the use of visual barrier fences for safety or for separation of various areas. It is used at times to keep people out of natural habitats or protected environment zones. Foster Supply also provide a green product with lettering denoting the type of environment being protected. Safety fence is also used frequently as protection for existing trees.

Wire Mesh rolls & Sheets

5' x 150' rolls or 5' x 12.5 sheets are in stock ranging from 4 gage to 10 gage. Special sizes are available.


This open cell product is used to confine aggregate on slopes to prevent erosion. It is lightweight and easy to install. Additionally it eliminates a significant amount of stone used in traditional applications. The confined cell structure allows for higher performance out of less stone to protect slopes. It is particularly effective when stone is sold at a premium in remote locations.

Staples and Staple pounder

Most erosion control products are installed using staples at regular centers. Foster Supply stocks this product in standard 11 gage 6" x 1" x 6" units 1000 pcs/ box.

Straw Wattles

Wattles are used similar to Sedimentstop to reduce the velocity of surface water and reduce the number, length and depth of rills on longer slopes. Wattles may be used in place of silt fence around parking lots and existing structures when the project is of short duration.

Super Silt Fence

This third gereration of silt fence has emerged as one of the most important products in preventing sediment run off. Super Silt Fence is used in locations where the project is long term and large amounts of run off and sediment are anticipated. Super Silt Fence has a higher initial cost, lasts longer and is more effective than previous products. It also has a much lower maintenance cost.

Wooden Stakes

This product is used for grade stakes, fencing and project layout. They are also used to install wattles and Sedimenstop.


A quick and easy to install erosion control mat that is perfect for high flow water areas. It will protect the soil, vegetated or unvegetated. Flex-A-Mat provides erosion protection in ditches with velocities up to 19 feet per second. It has been used successfully on WVDOH projects as well as Kentucky and West Virginia AML projects not to mention numerous private applications. It is made with concrete blocks that slow velocities and it backed with geotextiles or erosion control blankets to keep soil in place until vegetation can be established.