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Retaining wall grid

Product Information

TenCate Miragrid®

TenCate Geosynthetics Americas provides innovative geosynthetic solutions throughout the world. TenCate Miragrid® geogrids is a global brand of TenCate, the world’s leading provider of woven and nonwoven geosynthetics and industrial fabrics.

TenCate Miragrid® geogrid is offered for use in the soil reinforcement market.  It further strengthens Mirafi's commitment to the worldwide advancement of geosynthetics in both the woven and knitted geogrid markets. TenCate Miragrid® geogrid is offered in North America, Europe and Asia.

To meet the most challenging aspects of soil reinforcement, TenCate Miragrid® geogrids deliver high strength, high tenacity, and high molecular weight polyester geogrids. TenCate Miragrid® geogrids provide dimensional stability through its woven polymer-coated fabrics.

With their vast application knowledge from TenCate Geosynthetics, the sales and engineering team for TenCate Miragrid® geogrids can meet all your project specification needs.  They maintain the industry’s most comprehensive network of distributors, including Foster Supply, preventing costly delays for their customers and keeping them on schedule.