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A-2000 PVC Pipe

A-2000 pipe offers a low cost option on drainage projects that require the versatility and corrosion resistance of PVC. It is especially attractive in larger sizes when compared with SDR 35.

PVC Primer and Glue

Foster Supply provides all necessary items to prime and glue solvent weld PVC products.

SDR PVC 35 Pipe

Foster Supply inventories 4" thru 12" PVC at all times with some 15" and 18" available from stock or on short notice.

SDR 35 PVC fittings

Foster Supply provides a complete line of solvent weld and gasket fittings for PVC pipe.

SCH 40 Pipe

For heavy duty applications Foster Supply has a full line of schedule

40 pipe

Thinwall Pipe

For light duty applications 2000 pound crush thinwall pipe is provided by Foster Supply, This pipe is generally used for foundation drains and underdrains to remove unwanted water from subgrade.