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This trench system is perfect for chemical resistant applications. Perma trench is lightweight and versatile.

Poly Drain & Poly Catch Basins

Foster Supply maintains a large inventory of this polymer concrete product. Poly drain has a hyperbolic bottom with continuous slope that allows a 4" trench to carry the same amount of flow as a 12" flat bottom trench. It comes with a wide variety of grates and accessories including catch basins and grease traps.

Trench Former

This product is one of Foster Supply's biggest movers. It is a complete system to replace the old 12" to 18" flat bottom concrete trenches. It comes complete with a styrofoam form, rails and grates plus rebar supports for leveling. Customers simply level the top of the product, pour concrete around it and wait for it to set up. All that is needed to complete the job is to remove the styrofoam forming material and place the grate on top. What is left is a 12" wide continuous sloped trench with a 14" wide grate ready for traffic.

Tuff-Tite (Plastic Trench Drain)

Tuff-Tite trenches are very easy to install flat bottom trenches including grates. Simply level them, drive rebar stakes to hold them in place and encase them in concrete. Once teh concrete sets you are ready to drive across them. They are normally used for residential applications. They come in interlocking lengths with ninety degrees bends available

NDS Plastic Drain Basins

Foster Supply offers NDS square plastic catch basins for use in yard drains and non traffic applications. If customers want a small square catch basin at a low cost thisis the product of choice. They come in 12" x 12" and 18" x 18" units and are generally used with smaller diameter HDPE pipe.