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Verti-Block article

By: Ron Foster - CEO | February 5, 2015

Foster Supply Inc., is proud to introduce its newest product line. Foster Supply the leader in Big Block production for Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio has teamed up with Verti-Crete out of Sandy, Utah to provide the Verti-Block retaining wall system to our service area.

Verti-Block offers many advantages over other Big Block systems. The blocks have a hollow core that allows the contractor to place a specific amount of gravel in each block. This reduces the amount of stone needed and allows for the use of site suitable material to be placed directly in contact with the backs of the block.  Each block has a notch across the bottom to allow for the placement of the drain pipe right in the base of the block thus assuring the release of any build up hydrostatic pressure.

Installers love the product because it weighs less than other Big Blocks and they place 8 SF per block while other Big Blocks are 5.75 SF each or less. Installers use less stone and are able to more accurately determine the amount of stone that is required. They have fewer delivery trucks to schedule because more square footage can be hauled per truck. Saving on freight also saves on the overall installation cost. Due to the lighter weight blocks there are many jobs that allow installations to be done with smaller equipment than other Big Block systems.

The engineers and owners also love the product, not only because of the lower cost but also because of being able to build gravity walls higher. There are many applications where property boundaries do not allow the use of grid. In certain conditions Verti-Block can be engineered up to 24’ tall as a gravity wall without the use of geogrid reinforcement. Foster Supply also offers multi-color staining of the final product that will closely match other building materials located on the site.

For your next retaining wall application, call our main office at 304-755-8241 and ask for Joe Pingley. He will guide you through the process with our estimators and engineers.