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Vice President Pence Visits Foster Supply

By: Ron Foster - CEO | November 17, 2017

Foster Supply had the honor of hosting the Vice President of the United States at our Putnam County, West Virginia operation located in Scott Depot. The event held on Saturday March 27, 2017 was a tremendous success. Foster Supply surrounded the setting for the round table “listening session” with many of the products that it offers locally. The session included 12 business owners from Putnam County and Kanawha Counties along with Vice President Pence and SBA Administrator Linda McMahon. The final event held in one of our warehouses included our new Verti-Block wall system as a backdrop for the stage prompting the Vice President to crack a joke related to building the wall on our southern border.

I am so proud of our whole staff and the employees that worked so hard on very short notice to pull the event off without incident. Our employees had only 3 days to prepare for the second most powerful person in the world to visit our facility. We are grateful to all the people who attended the event along with Teays Valley Church of God who allowed us to use their sanctuary and parking lot as a staging area. Christ Temple provided two fifty five seat passenger buses along with one from Teays Valley Church of God to get people loaded on buses safely and transported to the event.

The entire team at Foster Supply thank J.C. Sherman, Scott McClintock and Julie Roberts with the Vice President’s advance team along with Andeliz Castillo the White House scheduler for the professional way in which they interacted with our staff. They truly were a professional group of individuals.

We simply cannot overlook the great work done by the Secret Service, State Police, Putnam County Sherriff’s staff and the 911 team to keep everyone safe. Putnam County did a great job in providing a wonderful venue for the Vice President to interact with small businesses that are the backbone of America when it comes to employment.

Thank you Vice President Pence for letting Putnam County and the State of West Virginia that we have friends in the White House who will remember us.