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Water Stop

Product Information

We Stock a 6” Dumbell water stop that is 3/8 inch thick.

Typical installations include: sewerage plants, water filtration plants, aqueducts, reservoirs, locks, tanks, channels, swimming pools, culverts, tunnels, under-passes, bridge decks and abutments, roofs, dams, foundations, mine shafts, retaining walls and any concrete structure requiring watertight joints.

The dumbbell design is intended to be used where there is primarily horizontal stress across the joint in the same plane as the waterstop. 6" Dumbbell waterstop is adequate for all vertical and horizontal construction joints. 6" Dumbbell is also used in expansion joints of up to 1". 9" and 12" Dumbbell is used in expansion joints of 1" to 2". 6" Centerbulb is used in expansion joints up to 1" where shear movement is expected and 9" Centerbulb is used in expansion joints up to 2" where shear movement is expected. The Centerbulb is hollow so it can deform to absorb shear movements.